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Government of South Australia - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science


    Leading the creation and sustainability of our cyber community

    Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing sectors across the world and will be a huge source of economic growth as our reliance on digital technologies continues to accelerate.

    It is projected that Australia will spend approximately $7.6 billion per year on cyber security by 2024 – a 9 per cent yearly increase from 2020 – and will drive demand for an additional 18,000 cyber security professionals over the next four years.

    Hand-in-hand with this opportunity comes the critical need for robust cyber security proficiency across all sectors of the economy. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and are constantly developing new tactics to breach networks.

    With the AUKUS nuclear-powered submarines set to be built in South Australia, alongside the expansion of the space industry and associated space technologies, the state will be open to increased risk of cyber-attacks.

    Building South Australia’s capability and further developing a robust cyber security industry will strengthen our position as a security partner of choice, attracting investment and providing growth export opportunities.

    The impact of Cyber

    $7.6 billionprojected Australian spend in 2024
    33cyber security businesses in the state
    33%of these businesses exporting globally

    South Australian initiatives in cyber

    Cyber Week 2023

    Cyber Week 2023 features a program of events focussed on South Australia’s industries and the connection with the cyber sector. These events are designed to explore the pathways, skills and roles available to our state’s emerging workforce, and support greater cyber best practice across all industries.

    1st Australian Cyber Space Forum

    The Australian Space Cyber Forum will provide an excellent opportunity for Australian stakeholders to meet and network with key national and international space cyber experts. Participation in this forum is targeted at researchers, entrepreneurs, academics, private consultants, public employers, and others with an interest in the space and cyber sectors.

    Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre

    The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre assists business to understand and navigate the cyber specialist ecosystem to address their specific cyber needs. It is committed to using its knowledge and expertise to make cyberspace a better and safer place for organisations, corporations, agencies and institutions to do business.

    SA Cyber Industry Capability Matrix

    We are committed to fostering cyber capability development, innovation, and commercialisation across the state, through collaboration with government, industry, and research institutions. Cyber security is a high economic value sector that has been prioritised for growth in the state and nationwide, and we are proud to play a key role in accelerating this growth.

    To support effective cyber security practices within the state, we have compiled Cyber Capability Matrix of leading South Australian organisations and the areas of cyber security they specialise in, including

    • Governance and identification
    • Protection
    • Detection and response
    • Cyber research