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Government of South Australia - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

    Engagement at DIIS

    The Department regularly undertakes consultation and engagement

    We engage with industry, all levels of government, the skills and education sector and local communities to inform and shape the development of future projects, policies and strategies.

    We also work with industry, academia and the business community to facilitate connections, evaluate insights and data, and share opportunities to grow the South Australian economy and support industries and business to succeed.

    The Department captures both qualitative and quantitative insights using a range of traditional and contemporary engagement methods and is committed to accurately capturing the voice and insights of South Australian businesses, industry, and communities.

    Get involved

    The Department for Industry, Innovation and Science engages with stakeholders to ensure that people can share their insights and influence strategies, policy and program design.

    Engagement with the community, business, research and industry is a key input to the development of the state, the quality of governmental decisions and to help shape efforts to grow South Australia’s economy.

    To register your interest in participating in future consultation and engagement with the Department, please fill out the form below.