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Government of South Australia - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

    Chief Scientist

    Driving collaboration between science, technology, innovation and business

    The Chief Scientist of South Australia provides independent advice to the Premier of South Australia, the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, and Cabinet, on matters of science and research, technology and innovation.

    Supported by the Office for the Chief Scientist of South Australia, the Chief Scientist’s role is to work closely with South Australian Government agencies to:

    • encourage, commission and conduct evaluation of research, technology and innovation strategies, plans, programs and activities
    • monitor the performance and trends of the state’s research, technology and innovation system
    • review the state’s research leadership and workforce, and strategies to attract, develop and retain a high performing research, technology and innovation workforce.

    The Chief Scientist also engages with the Australian Government, business, research institutions and other stakeholders, and represents the state on selected national or international bodies relevant to the state’s interests in research, technology and innovation.

    South Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Caroline McMillen, stepped down from her role on Friday 25 August.

    DIIS is now beginning the progress of identifying potential candidates for the next Chief Scientist for South Australia and making a recommendation to the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, and Cabinet.