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Government of South Australia - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

    Critical Minerals and Resources

    A competitive advantage sector for manufacturing in South Australia
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    South Australia holds significant amounts of the country’s valuable natural resources including copper, graphite, uranium, and gold.

    Demand for copper, which is used in most renewable energy technologies, is expected to triple by 2050. The South Australian Government has announced the establishment of a Copper Taskforce to maximise the public benefits of the state’s copper deposits and support significant expansion of the state’s resource industries.

    South Australia has:

    69%of Australia's copper and graphite
    80%of Australia's uranium
    27%of Australia's gold

    The opportunity

    South Australia’s manufacturing sector will play a vital role in supporting the state to realise the green economy opportunity. Currently, there is little onshore value-adding to the state’s critical minerals, with the opportunity to do so in a decarbonised, circular economy a significant prospect.

    All over the world new low-carbon technologies are being adopted, driving demand for critical minerals and metals, including direct reduction iron, copper, steel, aluminium, silicon, lithium-ion, titanium, nickel, cobalt, zinc, graphene, and vanadium among others.

    South Australia is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the increased demand holding significant amounts of the country’s valuable resources including copper, graphite, uranium, and gold.

    Value-optimisation from recycling waste batteries, solar panels, carbon fibre wind turbines and other green economy products also represent high value manufacturing opportunities.