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    Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen

    A competitive advantage sector for manufacturing in South Australia
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    South Australia has already become a leader in renewables, with an increase in the renewable energy mix from 1 per cent to almost 70% in 20 years

    We have an early advantage to decarbonise the economy and participate in the global energy transition.

    The state has a $20 billion pipeline of investment for on and off-grid renewables and storage, including the the SA Hydrogen Jobs Plan – a significant green hydrogen project and the first example of government resuming public ownership of power infrastructure.

    South Australia is well positioned to become a world class, low-cost green hydrogen supplier, and establish a future competitive advantage in low-carbon energy intensive manufacturing in sectors such as iron, copper, cement, critical minerals, and fuels.

    The opportunity

    The national and international shift towards net-zero has increased demand for innovative low-carbon technologies, infrastructure, and recycled materials.

    Significant renewable energy and green hydrogen projects for South Australia are unlocking a pipeline of renewable energy developments and manufacturing opportunities.

    A directory of South Australian businesses with the interest and capability to contribute to the emerging hydrogen supply chain was compiled by the Industry Capability Network SA (ICN SA) in mid-2023.

    South Australia’s Hydrogen Industry Supplier Directory was compiled through a formal expression of interest process, with more than 260 businesses outlining their ability to contribute to the production, storage, transport and distribution of renewable energy and hydrogen, as well as downstream applications such as the manufacture of green iron.

    The South Australian Government has invested in

    2world-leading home battery schemes
    22wind farms
    3utility scale solar farms

    South Australian projects

    The Eyre Peninsula Gateway Project

    This is the first in a pipeline of several green hydrogen and green ammonia projects being developed by H2U and will be built in two stages.